Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red States That Suck All The Tax Money From Blue States Once Again Punished By GAWD For Mooching

At Least 54 Dead in Storms Across South

A deadly tornado stretching a mile wide tore through downtown Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Wednesday evening, destroying homes and buildings and bringing further damage to a region already battered by storms. Across the state, at least 25 people were killed by storms on Wednesday alone, said Valerie Hayes, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. But that number did not include any deaths from Tuscaloosa, where 15 people were confirmed dead by the mayor's office and 100 were said to be injured, The Tuscaloosa News reported. Earlier in the day, with the damage spreading and the death toll rising, Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency. And The Associated Press reported that across the South, storms Wednesday killed 11 people in Mississippi, two in Georgia and one in Tennessee.
We now expect the "rugged individuals" of these impoverished & backward states to increase their mooching from the productive states that support them. If you are too stupid to come in out of a storm, you deserve what you get, & we aren't paying for your poor choices!

Y'all can buy some new-to-you clothes at the fucking thrift shop, & then shut up & go away.

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