Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat The Rich List

Here are names of over-paid & no doubt utterly & entirely useless executive parasites to contemplate while sharpening your knives.

Let's look only at Parasite Number One on the list.
Entercom: David Field. The son of company founder Joseph Field became CEO in 2002, about 15 years after leaving his job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Field made $9.1 million last year -- the total of his $791,723 salary, $444,308 bonus, $7.9 million in stock, and $28,000 in other perks including medical insurance premiums. That's a 348% raise in a year when company shares appreciated 53.2%. Though considered a strong operating executive, his salary stands out because it's 25.4 times higher than the $358,692 average for the four other top executives listed in Entercom's proxy statement. Field's salary and the $3.9 million paid to CFO Stephen Fisher accounted for 93% of the $14 million that Entercom paid to its top five executives.
Nice, huh? Nepotism. Goldman Sachs. And just as the 1% screw the 99%, he & his buddy Steve also screw their fellow executivesparasites.

Are we still running around screaming "The country's broke?"

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