Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Impending Local Lion Shortage

Sad stuff:
Photo: LA Zoo
A male lion at the LA Zoo's male, Lionel, passed away today, the Zoo announced today.

At 23, Lionel was considered old for a lion. He had been treated in recent months by the Zoo's veterinary team for neurological difficulties and urinary incontinence*, and officials decided to euthanize him on Saturday. He had been at the zoo since 1997.

Lionel's death leaves the LA Zoo with one female lion, Cookie, who is 22.
A lion at the LA Zoo, photographed in February 2011 by Joits via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr. Caption from laist. If Lionel was the only male lion at the zoo (& this one looks quite male) why "A lion at the LA Zoo?" instead of "Lionel?"
One down, & if 23 is lion-old, we'll guess it won't be long before 22-yr. old Cookie goes too.

Last time we were at the zoo, there was but one tiger in the tiger enclosure, & we didn't see any lions.

Note to the zoo: "Lionel?" Really?

*Note to people in white coats w/ needles: Stay the hell away from us if you know what's good for you. Incontinent or not, we can still resist!

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