Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MacBook User Uses Prostitutes, Too

Apparently Apple weasels can't get laid w/o paying, & then they don't pay! (Typical for church-goers, too.)
SOUTH GLENDALE — Two San Diego women were arrested Sunday on suspicion of stealing a laptop from a man who allegedly refused to pay one of them for sex at a local motel, police said

Sauceray Boyd, 21, and Kandalaria Freeman, 19, were taken into custody Sunday afternoon in connection with burglary and grand theft after police found the $2,800 MacBook, which was in Freeman’s pink suitcase, according to police reports.
Well, he may not have had any money left after shelling out the price of a used car for a fucking laptop.
A man who had been staying at the motel for about a month notified police that his laptop had been stolen from his room while he was at church, according to police reports.

Boyd and Freeman were tracked down at the Glendale Metrolink/Amtrak station by police who followed up on a tip from a motel worker.

Freeman told officers that she was a prostitute and dancer from San Diego who often visited Glendale and stayed at the motel.

Freeman told police that she was expecting to be paid $200 for her services, but the owner of the computer angrily refused to pay and fled.

She needed the money to pay for a train ticket to return to San Diego and allegedly told police that she stole the laptop.
If anyone learns anything from this, it would be to stay the hell away from the Glen Capri Inn.
At the same motel last week, officers arrested a couple who allegedly possessed more than 200 blank credit cards and fraudulent credit paperwork for celebrities like Tommy Lee Jones and Tim Burton.


N__B said...

"Kandalaria"? We she's be happy she's named after a half-way decent pitcher.

M. Bouffant said...

Noticed That Too Editor:

We still hate Candelaria for no-hitting our Former Bums Of Brooklyn on nat'l. telebision.

Site where we first saw the item was rather snide:

Not only do Sauceray Boyd, 21, and Kandalaria Freeman, 19, have two very interesting names

And we do wonder how one pronounces Sauceray.