Thursday, April 21, 2011


According to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770, the vote to authorize a strike was "overwhelming." Results, in terms of the percentage for and against, however, were not immediately available this morning. Two-thirds approval was required.
Negotiations continue. Even if a strike isn't called, there are other reasons not to shop at these shitholes (Including the one this reporter patronizes the most. Expect an act of peoples' justice, which will be especially funny considering it has just been remodeled.):
Today Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek and the City Attorney's Criminal Branch filed suit against Ralphs grocery stores and their parent company, Kroger, following an undercover inspection that revealed 14 Los Angeles locations were overcharging customers on pre-packaged and weighed products.

The businesses "are each charged with violations of the Business and Professions Code, including 14 counts of false and misleading advertising, 18 violations of unlawful computation of value, nine violations of selling prepackaged commodities in less quantity than represented and 18 violations of false labeling," details a release issued by the City Attorney's office, who explain the investigation:
Between January 20 and March 9, 2010 undercover test purchases were conducted by the Los Angeles County Department of Weights and Measures at 14 Ralph’s Grocery Stores across Los Angeles. As a result, inspectors found 27 violations of overcharges to customers. Many of the violations were for the store’s illegally charging for the weight of the package or including the ice glaze on frozen products in the net weight. Many prepackaged items were also found to be under the labeled weight posted.
The businesses could face hefty fines if they are found at fault.
If we're going to need space to grow our own food, it looks as if we'll have to burn down the supermarkets & tear up the parking lots to get rid of the concrete & asphalt. Who's w/ us?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

rooftop gardens and earth shelter construction are also alternatives.

M. Bouffant said...

Don't Spoil Our Fun Editor, Now Madder Than a Wet Hen:

Honestly. We're trying to inspire violent, anarchic, nihilistic & fun revolutionary action, & we get a hobbit zombie who wants to live in a hole.

(Though we'll admit that caves, like us fat people, are warm in the winter & provide shelter in the summer.)