Saturday, April 16, 2011

Delusional Paranoia Up-Date:
You MUST Readjust

Via the self-styled Comrade DougJ of B.J., an excerpt of an e-mail from a
western New York Tea Party group. The guy who runs it knows there are plenty of moles on the list (like me) so he knows what he writes is essentially public. Here’s what he wrote about biofuels and their effect on food production last night:
The plan is deliberate. Those sick ultra capitalists who rule the world from the secrecy of their billion dollar holes in the ground have devised their plan to squeeze the people of the world to the point where the food supply is insufficient to provide for the requirements of the 7 billion people who will soon inhabit this Earth. Promoting the production and use of biofuels is a major component of that plan. Their already publicly stated goal is to reduce the population to a more manageable and more “sustainable” 500 million, all of whom will be genetically superior to the hodge podge of characters that now grace the planet. It is, essentially, Nazi eugenics reborn in a world where the needs of the many will be sacrificed to the desires of a few. Appallingly and very tellingly, it is exactly the opposite of what the God-less “progressives” have been telling us that it would be if we would only allow them to bring their Orwellian version of “peace and prosperity” to the world. Dust off your copy of “1984” if you want to know how the story will play out. “Peace is war. Poverty is riches. North Korea is paradise. One who gives his life for the state will live forever in the glory of his sacrifice.” This is what is known as satanic thinking. It is the great lie, the one that all tyrants of all ages have used to control their people and keep them in slavery. We have been told that all lies proceed from the workings of satan. There is no doubt that that is true.

Now, I ask you to keep your eyes on the unrelenting squeeze and slowing down in worldwide food production and the famines that will arise owing to deliberately induced wars in Africa and other targeted areas of the world and the changes in weather patterns which the sick scientists of today are more than capable of manipulating.

Who can believe these things??? The same people who once believed that man could fly when all around him mocked and ridiculed the idea. Whoever can dream the greatest dream, whether for good or evil, will emerge as the winner and believe me, you do not want to be on the losing end of this battle.

You MUST readjust your thinking. Change your your paradigm as the old one can no longer serve you. Look around and see the evil that is everywhere including in the White House and in every level of government. Wake up. The time is now.
Yet any reactionary worth his or her salt will tell you that "liberalism" is a mental illness. Because the Jewssick ultra capitalists, satan & sick scientists who control the weather are conspiring to starve us all to death, & the Tea Party is just the fed-up silent majority taking their country back from satan.

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