Friday, July 26, 2013

American Exceptionalism Up-Date

From the dawn of time or almost two wks. ago, further proof that these United Snakes are indeed a nation of sick fucks. Literally:
Behaviors such as diet, physical activity, and even how fast we drive all have profound effects. So do the environments that expose us to health risks or discourage healthy living, as well as social determinants of health, such as education, income, and poverty.

The United States fares poorly in almost all of these. In addition to many millions of people lacking health insurance, financial barriers to care, and a lack of primary care providers compared with other rich countries, people in the United States consume more calories, are more sedentary, abuse more drugs, and shoot one another more often. The United States also lags behind on many measures of education, has higher child poverty and income inequality, and lower social mobility than most other advanced democracies.

The breadth of these causal factors, and the scope of the U.S. health disadvantage they produce, raises some fundamental questions about U.S. society. As the NRC/IOM report noted, solutions exist for many of these health problems, but there is "limited political support among both the public and policymakers to enact the policies and commit the necessary resources."
The conclusion is based in the unfounded optimism so common to those who have no sense of history or current events. Or a fucking clue.
Moving beyond the dismal headlines generated by the NRC/IOM report, we can hope that the evidence of a health disadvantage in the United States is now so compelling that the terms of the conversation and even the political calculus will begin to change. Then, perhaps, we can start addressing that disadvantage and stop paying for it with our lives.
Ha ha ha. That passage will soon be found in the dictionary in the naïveté entry. Nagonna happen, because Num! Ber! One! & don't you dare raise fundamental questions, pinko!

Note also that globalist internationalist Bilderberg Illuminati conspirators the Council on Foreign Relations were amused (Because they hate us for our freedoms?) by this anti-American science. In January of this yr. Good thing for America's self-image the media kept it under wraps. (Unless there was a big stink we missed. Or completely forgot. New Scientist didn't notice until this month either.)

Not to worry, patriots: Even less attention than the usual none-at-all will be paid in July ("It's hot! I can't think!!") these United Snakes will still lead the "developed" world in blissful ignorance & nothing will change beyond increases in illness & early mortality. Death as early as possible being precisely what people deserve when they stick their fingers in their ears (or elsewhere, & not just their noses) and chant "We're number one!" over any dissenting voices.

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