Friday, May 8, 2020

"V-E Day"

TUE 8 MAY 1945
Europe and Atlantic
As of 6:01 PM this date, all offensive operations against German land, sea, and air forces cease ("V-E Day").

U.S. freighter Horace Binney, in convoy TAM 62, is damaged by mine 15 miles off Ostend, Belgium, 51°21'N, 02°27'E; there are no fatalities among the ship's complement (which includes a 36-man Armed Guard). The ship is towed to Deal, England and beached, where she is later written off as a total loss.

Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Japanese fishing boat No.3 Daito Maru east-southeast of Todogasaki, 39°38'N, 142°08'E.

Submarine Bream (SS-243) lays mines off Puolo Obi, French Indochina, in the last U.S. Navy submarine mine plant of World War II.

Mines sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Shuncho Maru south of Futaoi Jima, and damage minesweeper W.39, 4.85 kilometers southeast of Futaoi Light. Transport Kotobuki Maru (ex-Italian liner Conte Verde) is damaged by mine laid by USAAF B-29 (20th Bomber Command) off southern Korea, 34°30'N, 126°19'E.

Japanese merchant vessel No.6 Kosho Maru is sunk by aircraft, 21°51'N, 113°09'E.

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