Monday, May 11, 2020

Actual Footage Of Described Events (Not The Posthumous Medal Of Honor)

FRI 11 MAY 1945
Japanese aircraft attack U.S. ships off Okinawa; two kamikazes crash carrier Bunker Hill (CV-17), 25°44'N, 129°28'E; kamikazes also crash destroyer Evans (DD-552), 26°58'N, 127°32'E, and large support landing craft LCS-88; destroyer Hugh W. Hadley (DD-774) is damaged by Baka, 26°59'N, 127°32'E.

On Okinawa, Pharmacist's Mate Second Class William D. Halyburton, Jr., USNR, advances into an open field under fire to treat a casualty. Hit by a bullet while tending to the wounded marine, Halyburton unhesitatingly shields the man with his own body to protect him from further injury. In so doing, the corpsman is mortally wounded. For his heroically saving another man's life at the cost of his own, Halyburton is awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

Japanese guardboat No.8 Sagami Maru is sunk by U.S. aircraft off Hong Kong, 21°52'N, 113°08'E.

USAAF B-24s (11th Air Force) sink Japanese army cargo ship Aitoku Maru and damage escort destroyer Hachijo in Kataoka harbor, Kurils, 50°42'N, 156°13'E.

PB4Y-2s (VPB 118) operating against Japanese shipping off coast of Korea, sink merchant cargo ships Seiri Maru, 34°17'N, 126°50'E, and Shinzan Maru, 34°15'N, 127°10'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Kamiyama Maru is sunk by aircraft off Mokpo, Korea.

Mines sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Kitsurin Maru off Wadanomisaki, 34°39'N, 135°11'E; and damage auxiliary minelayer Koei Maru seven miles off Umezaki and damage two tugboats off Wadanomisaki.

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