Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Last Subs To Be Sunk In the Atlantic By The U.S. Are Sunk

SUN 6 MAY 1945
Destroyer escort Atherton (DE-169) and frigate Moberley (PF-63) sink German submarine U-853 near Block Island, Rhode Island 41°13'N, 71°27'W.

Destroyer escort Farquhar (DE-139) sinks German submarine U-881, North Atlantic, 43°18'N, 47°44'W. U-881 is the last submarine sunk in the Atlantic by U.S. forces.

Naval landing force, covered by destroyer escort Wintle (DE-25) and motor minesweeper YMS-354 evacuates about 500 Marshallese from Jaluit in infantry landing craft LCI-394, LCI-479 and LCI-481.

Off Okinawa, battleship South Dakota (BB-57) is damaged by explosion of five 16-inch powder tanks in magazine, 26°30'N, 129°30'E.*

Floating drydock ARD-28 is damaged by horizontal bomber, 25°33'N, 127°27'E.

Submarine Hammerhead (SS-364) sinks Japanese fleet tanker Kinrei Maru in Gulf of Thailand 08°15'N, 102°00'E.

Japanese guardboat Kiho Maru No.1 is destroyed by fire, location unspecified.

Off Inchon, Korea, Japanese merchant tanker No.5 Hoei Maru is sunk by aircraft; USN land-based planes sink merchant cargo ship Eiko Maru in Yellow Sea, 36°26'N, 126°37'E.

Japanese cargo ship Sagamigawa Maru is sunk by USAAF mine laid by B-29 (20th Bomber Command).

Submarine I 366, en route to take delivery of kaitens, is damaged by mine off Hikari.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Kumi Maru is damaged and merchant cargo ship No.3 Kinzan Maru is sunk, by aircraft off Kuche Island.

USN land-based aircraft sink Japanese merchant cargo ship No.1 Tora Maru off Mokpo, Korea. PBMs or PB4Ys sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Nakagawa Maru off Yosu, Korea, 34°30'N, 127°00'E.

Japanese merchant vessel Niosan Maru is sunk by aircraft north of Kumun Island.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Enzan Maru is damaged by aircraft, 34°21'N, 127°24'E.
*"Superb damage control measures and fire fighting," South Dakota's war diarist notes, "quickly brought the fire under control and narrowly averted a major disaster." South Dakota lay alongside ammunition ship Wrangell (AE-12) at the moment the first tank exploded.

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