Friday, May 15, 2020

No Blood On My Hands

This reporter has never purchased shit from Murderer Bezos's Death Warehouses. Nor will he.
Annie Palmer / CNBC:Sixth confirmed Amazon worker dies amid calls for the company to release data on coronavirus infections  — An Amazon warehouse worker at a facility in Bethpage, New York has died from the coronavirus, the company confirmed to CNBC.  — George Leigh, who worker at an Amazon distribution center known …
Josh Dzieza / The Verge:   A seventh Amazon employee dies of COVID-19 as the company refuses to say how many are sick
Noah Manskar / New York Post:   Two more Amazon worker deaths push its coronavirus toll to seven
Kelly Weill / The Daily Beast:   Amazon Staff Lose Hazard Pay—and Lives—as Bezos Cashes In
Alina Selyukh / NPR:
Pandemic Hits Spending Hard; 79% Dive In Clothing Sales Leads A Record Plunge  —  In a historic collapse, retail spending in the U.S. nosedived again last month, dropping a record 16.4% as people avoided restaurants, bars, stores and malls during the coronavirus pandemic.
No one should ever buy clothes new. That's what Goodwill & Salvation Army stores are for, you vain popinjays. This reporter hopes this fucking virus teaches you fucking losers how to live, rather than how to produce & consume so your masters can profit from you.

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FelineMama said...

HEAR! HEAR! M. !! I've been shopping at the Goodwill for ages. I love the thrift/second hand stores!!!!! We have a lot here in Reno. Going there this weekend by the way !! Thanks for that shout out !!!!!!!

I also GIVE !!! Great Organizations !!