Friday, May 15, 2020

Submarines Sea Poacher & Shad!

TUE 15 MAY 1945
Commander U.S. Ports and Bases Germany (Rear Admiral Arthur G. Robinson) establishes headquarters at Bremen, Germany.

Submarine Hammerhead (SS-364) sinks Singapore-bound Japanese transport Tottori Maru in Gulf of Siam, 09°12'N, 101°20'E. Escorting minelayer Hatsutaka conducts unsuccessful counterattack (see 16 May).

Submarine Sea Poacher (SS-406) sinks Japanese army luggers No.56 Ume Maru and Fukumo Maru, 45°29'N, 149°01'E.

Submarine Shad (SS-235) damages Japanese merchant cargo ship Mako Maru, 33°42'N, 126°37'E.

USN land-based planes, in wide-ranging sweeps against Japanese shipping, sink merchant cargo ship No.1 Kyodo Maru 34°15'N, 126°56'E; merchant cargo ship Keiun Maru off Karatsu, western Kyushu, 33°57'N, 129°51'E, and merchant cargo ship No.3 Hakutetsu Maru off east coast of Korea.

Japanese merchant vessel Miyajima Maru, while under tow after being damaged the previous day by a mine, strikes a second mine and sinks, 34°28'N, 134°50'E. Mishima Maru is sunk by USAAF mine laid off Kobe on 3 May 1945, 34°30'N, 135°10'E.

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