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HMS Thorough & HMS Trenchant

FRI 25 MAY 1945
Off Okinawa, kamikazes sink high speed transport Bates (APD-47), 26°41'N, 127°47'E, and medium landing ship LSM-135; and damage destroyers Guest (DD-472), 26°22'N, 127°44'E, and Stormes (DD-780), 27°06'N, 127°38'E; destroyer escort O'Neill (DE-188), 26°20'N, 127°43'E; high speed transports Barry (APD-29), 26°30'N, 127°00'E (see 21 and 22 June), and Roper (APD-20), 26°34'N, 127°36'E; high speed minesweeper Butler (DMS-29), 26°12'N, 127°50'E; and minesweeper Spectacle (AM-305), 26°40'N, 127°52'E. Friendly fire damages destroyer Cowell (DD-547), 26°41'N, 126°50'E. Japanese plane torpedoes U.S. freighter William B. Allison in Buckner Bay; six merchant sailors and a stevedore die in the explosion. The 34-man merchant complement, 28 Armed Guard sailors and 150 stevedores, however, unload the ship's cargo.*

Submarine Blenny (SS-324) sinks Japanese gunboat Kairyu Maru, 06°04'S, 107°27'E.

Submarine Ray (SS-271) sinks Japanese schooner Tsuki Maru 35 miles east of Kaiyo Island 39°04'N, 123°06'E.

British submarine HMS Thorough sinks Japanese cargo ship Nittei Maru off west coast of Borneo, 06°45'S, 112°31'E.

British submarine HMS Trenchant sinks Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa 105 east of Mandalike Island 06°23'S, 110°55'E.

Mines laid by USAAF B-29s (20th Air Force) sink Japanese cargo vessel Hikawa Maru at 33°58'N, 131°02'E, and merchant tanker No.3 Toyo Maru 3.2 kilometers off Hesaki, 33°55'N, 131°20'E. Mines also sink transport Tobi Maru northwest of Kyushu 33°58'N, 130°52'E, cargo ship Matsushima Maru two miles south of Matsuzaki Island and merchant cargo ships Shiragi Maru near Hesaki, and No.1 Nissan Maru off Mutsure, and damage destroyers Sakura seven kilometers off Hesaki Light and Tsubaki off Shimonoseki anchorage, Patrol Boat No.104 5.4 kilometers off Futaoi Light, army cargo ships Ginsei Maru and Ginzan Maru three kilometers off Mutsure Island merchant cargo ships No.3 Shinto Maru off Hesaki, and Iyo Maru east of the mouth of Kammon Channel, and merchant tanker No.4 Nanko Maru 6.5 kilometers off Hesaki.

USAAF planes sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Amoy Maru off north coast of Tsushima, 34°46'N, 129°23'E.

Japanese merchant vessel Kokei Maru is sunk by aircraft off Pusan, Korea.

Japanese transport Kamishima Maru is damaged by stranding off north coast of Java, N.E.I., 06°25'S, 111°00'E.
*Fleet tug Tenino (ATF-115) later tows William B. Allison, written off by the War Shipping Administration as a total loss, to Kerama Retto, where she undergoes repairs and is taken over by the Navy for use as a mobile storehouse for lubricants and drummed petroleum products. Classified as a miscellaneous auxiliary (IX-117), she is renamedGamage.

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