Sunday, May 31, 2020


THU 31 MAY 1945
Four PBYs (three from FAW 1 and one from NAS Kodiak) dispatched to Fairbanks, via Anchorage, by Commander, Kodiak Sector, Alaskan Sea Frontier, return to Kodiak, their mission of providing assistance in evacuating citizenry threatened by rising Yukon River floodwaters having been completed.

Soviet merchantman Uzbekistan and U.S. freighter American Star are damaged in collision off Dutch Harbor, Alaska; big harbor tug YTB-191 provides assistance.

Mines laid by USAAF B-29s (20th Bomber Command) sink Japanese cargo ship Man Maru off Hesaki light, and damage gunboat Kazan Maru off Genka Jima Light, 33°40'N, 129°57'E, army cargo ships No.2 Yoro Maru southeast of Hesaki and Peking Maru off Onna Jima, and merchant cargo ship Jindai Maru northwest of Mutsure Jima. USAAF B-29-laid mine damages transport Tensho Maru at 34°35'N, 135°15'E, but Tensho Maru sinks after being towed into Osaka harbor.

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