Friday, May 1, 2020

High Seas May Day


TUE 1 MAY 1945
Naval attack force (Vice Admiral Daniel E. Barbey) lands Australian troops on Tarakan Island Borneo, supported by naval gunfire and aircraft.

U.S. freighter Henry L. Abbott is damaged by mine, Manila Bay, 14°35'N, 120°58'E. Two of the merchant crew die in the explosion; there are no casualties among the 27-man Armed Guard.

Submarine Bowfin (SS-287) sinks Japanese gunboat Chowa Maru southeast of Erimosaki, Hokkaido, Japan, 41°02'N, 144°36'E.

Submarine Sennet (SS-408) damages Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.50 off Wakayama, 33°58'N, 136°17'E.

PBMs (VPB 11 and FAW-1) sink Japanese cargo vessel Kyugkoku Maru off Mokpo, Korea, 34°35'N, 126°00'E; USN land-based planes on anti-shipping sweeps over Yellow Sea also sink merchant cargo ships Miyatama Maru and Komadori Maru off Mokpo, 34°11'N, 126°35'E. Land-based USN aircraft are also most likely responsible for damage inflicted on merchant vessel Taruyasu Maru in the Chochiku Channel the same day.

Japanese merchant tanker No.2 Iyasaka Maru is sunk by aircraft off Singapore.

Japanese merchant ship Richo Go is sunk by mine off Woosung, China.

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