Tuesday, May 12, 2020

"Fix It Again, Tony"

SAT 12 MAY 1945
Destroyers support landing of Army troops on Torishima, Ryukyus.

Off Okinawa, a kamikaze damages battleship New Mexico (BB-40), 26°22'N, 127°43'E; heavy cruiser Wichita (CA-45) is damaged by friendly fire, 26°22'N, 127°43'E.

Submarine Raton (SS-270) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Rekizan Maru in the Yellow Sea off the Shantung Peninsula, 37°25'N, 123°42'E.

Mines sink Japanese army cargo ship Brazil Maru off Kobe, Japan; mine laid by USAAF B-29s on 3 May 1945 sink merchant cargo ship Manbo Maru off Osaka, 34°30'N, 135°10'E; cargo ship No.1 Nissho Maru is sunk by USAAF mine (laid by 20th Air Force B-29s) off Futaoi Light, Shimonoseki, 34°06'N, 130°47'E; and No.1 Nisshin Maru in Shimonoseki channel; and damage merchant cargo ship Hokusei Maru (northwest of Mutsure Jima).

Japanese merchant tanker No.13 Takasago Maru is damaged by aircraft, Kogunsan-Kundo.

Navy patrol bombers (TU 50.5.5) damage Japanese merchant ship Chile Maru, which is run aground to permit salvage on the north coast of Iki Jima, 34°16'N, 129°40'E. Chile Maru is written off, however, as a total loss.

Minesweeper Jubilant (AM-255) and Italian submarine Mameli are damaged when they collide in Casco Bay, Maine. [Freaking Eye-ties can spin on a dime. — M.B.]

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