Friday, January 3, 2020

Bret Stephens, As In BULL SHIT!

What a pathetic fucking joke the "paper of record" is.
Michael Calderone / Politico:
NYT editorial page editor James Bennet says a Bret Stephens column advancing a race-based theory of “Jewish genius” was fully edited before publication
@hunterwalk:   @JBennet do better
Karen McGrane / @karenmcgrane:   This... is much less reassuring than it was intended to be
Parker Molloy / @parkermolloy:   This makes the Times look worse
Dvora Meyers / @dvorameyers:   It doesn't say much about the quality of the final product when an editor has to insist that the column was actually edited and fact checked.
Justin Baragona / @justinbaragona:   This actually makes it worse, right?
Susie / @banikarim:   cool. this makes it ... much worse.
@politico:   New York Times editorial page editor James Bennet did not discuss specifically how references to bogus claims about Ashkenazi Jews having superior intelligence made it through their editing process
@susanoftexas:   He is either lying or he overrides the editors. Not to mention fact that I spent 9 years fact-checking Megan McArdle when she worked for him and yes, I found errors. Many, many errors.
David Sirota / @davidsirota:   makes it even worse
Thomas Levenson / @tomlevenson:   Then the problem runs a deeper than Stephens, as his columns as published do not reflect any rigorous process.
John Panzer / @jpanzer:   That's a blogging platform, not a newspaper. (I have worked on building 2 blogging platforms.)
Heidi N. Moore / @moorehn:   This is astounding. You can't run a railroad like this. “In interviews with POLITICO, Times insiders described an ad hoc system, with veteran columnists typically not having a primary editor while newer hires are often assigned one.”
Osita Nwanevu / @ositanwanevu:   The big takeaway from this piece is that the current era of Times columnists is not only being edited, but being edited now for the first time ever after many years of Times columnists not being formally edited at all.
Abraham Gutman / @abgutman:   I think that if we are honest, writing for the Times is a dream for many journalists. How couldn't it be? Very few media institutions have the prestige and legacy of The Gray Lady. But today, after reading that, I'm so very grateful for my editors at The Inquirer. Truly blessed.
Benjamin Mazer / @benmazer:   Maybe I'm just a bad writer but everything I've written has been massively improved by editors and fact checkers. Why would you want to avoid this, unless your “voice” is ignorance?
Heidi N. Moore / @moorehn:   Do you know what *hoops* we had to jump through for those of us who were Guardian columnists? Editors, subeditors. Pitch meetings. And Times columnists are basically blogging and using Clippy to spellcheck. Amazing.
Abraham Gutman / @abgutman:   Every writer and editor let a mistake through to print. Editor's notes and corrections happen even to the best. Here the mistake wasn't mistaking a fact. It's about judgment, not sloppiness. The column *was* the mistake.
Damon Kiesow / @dkiesow:   What percentage of the perceived problems at the NYT are a result of the typical GoT jockeying for the corner office one wonders?
Michael Calderone / @mlcalderone:   Times columnists had long not had editors, though that's changed in recent years as new hires have typically been assigned editors.
Heidi N. Moore / @moorehn:   It's fine if things worked this way *once* but Bennet has been op-ed editor for years now and installed no useful and reliable editing process? This is the crisis that should show it's necessary.
Michael Calderone / @mlcalderone:   James Bennet says all Times columns are edited and fact-checked, including Stephens:
Heidi N. Moore / @moorehn:   NYT op-ed editor says essentially (not a quote): Yes of course we edited and fact-checked Bret Stephens' column and *of course* we left a link to white supremacist ideology, only to correct and rewrite it later. Of course this was all intentional.
Michael Calderone / @mlcalderone:   “Staff writers should get challenged more than the guest writers are. Their reputations land on the Times itself,” said @sivavaid, who has written NYT op-eds. “If I mess up I take all the blame. If Stephens messes up it speaks poorly of Bennet's judgment and the whole paper.”
Megan Carpentier / @megancarpentier:   Uh, holy shit this is a terrible, terrible editorial policy + worse than I thought (and is clearly only applied to columnists and not outside contribs) and explains far too much. From @jackshafer
Jeff Jarvis / @jeffjarvis:   Good column about the problem columnist — you know who — at the @nytimes by @sivavaid. Is the problem the columnist or opinion editor? That's a question, not a statement. ...
Tim Morris / @tmorris504:   “The Times disavowal and re-edit (tellingly neither co-signed nor acknowledged by Stephens) was too little and too late—if you're going to edit a piece, the smart move is to edit before it publishes” Solid journalism advice there.
Charlie Nash / Mediaite:
NYT deletes a tweet calling Eddie Gallagher a “retired” Navy SEAL with a new apparel line while failing to mention his court martial and clemency from Trump
@nytpolitics:   We have deleted an earlier tweet to this story that lacked context. Edward Gallagher, who was acquitted of charges that he killed a wounded captive in Iraq, later received clemency from President Trump — information that's provided in the article.
@slpng_giants:   “Nike has their First Amendment right to make individuals such as Colin Kaepernick their brand ambassadors. We have the right to make patriots like Chief Gallagher one of ours.” Because kneeling and being convicted of war crimes is totally the same thing.
Paul Rieckhoff / @paulrieckhoff:   NYT with a weak non-apology. Here's the original tweet which was appropriately criticized for normalizing all this. The “context” lacking is that Gallagher is not just a retired Navy SEAL—he's a war criminal who's men testified against him. The SEALs wanted to take his trident.
Roberto Abramowitz / @robabramowitz:   The @nytimes is getting lapped by the @washingtonpost. They better change and fast.
Oliver Willis / @owillis:   again and again you do this
@sc_yog:   12/27/19 from @nytimes
Suzan Scott / @newsjunkieblu:   This is why I subscribe to @washingtonpost and not the @nytimes. This tweet says he was acquitted and received clemency...not a mention of his conviction.
James E. Ford / @jefordnctoy:   Between this and the eugenics article, it is clear corporate news is consciously aiding in the present political atmosphere, enabling white supremacy and demonstrably failing the public.
Soledad O'Brien / @soledadobrien:   Thank you. I am aware the detail is in the article. Many people don't read the article—or subscribe—so tweets themselves should also have context.
Kerry Flynn / @kerrymflynn:   How did this take TWO days?!
Mike Brest / Washington Examiner:   New York Times deletes tweet calling Eddie Gallagher ‘retired’ while featuring his clothing line
Lindsey Ellefson / The Wrap:   NY Times Deletes Tweet About Former Navy SEAL Granted Clemency by Trump: It ‘Lacked Context’
Mike Masnick / Techdirt:   Navy SEAL Leader Accused Of War Crimes Threatens Defamation Suit Against NY Times Reporter …
Bess Levin / Vanity Fair:   Edward Gallagher, Trump's Favorite War Criminal, Is a “Conservative Influencer” Now

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Back in the saner days of the late 20th century, one of the low-key weekly pleasures was reading the Sunday NYT and doing the crossword puzzle while coping with the aftermath of Saturday night's debauchery.

Now, I won't even click on a link to the rag.