Saturday, January 11, 2020

Scouts Extracted From Jaluit

THU 11 JAN 1945
Motor minesweeper YMS-14 is sunk in collision with destroyer Herndon (DD-638) in north channel of Boston Harbor.

Off Luzon, high speed transport Belknap (APD-34) is damaged by kamikaze, 16°20'N, 120°10'E; tank landing ships LST-270 and LST-918 are damaged by shore battery, 16°20'N, 120°10'E; and tank landing ship LST-700 is damaged by friendly fire, 16°43'N, 119°58'E.

U.S. destroyer gunfire sinks Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa.10, south of Vigan, 17°20'N, 120°00'E. Auxiliary minesweeper No.56 Banshu Maru and auxiliary submarine chaser Hakuyo Maru are scuttled as blockships at south entrance of Manila Bay, Luzon.

During hunter-killer operations near Yap, destroyer Evans (DD-552) and destroyer escort McCoy Reynolds (DE-440) bombard Japanese defenses; they repeat the operation the following day.

Destroyer escort Brackett (DE-41) extracts party of Marshallese scouts from Jaluit, where they had been landed on 9 January to determine the condition of the garrison there.

Japanese submarines commence operation KONGO, employing suicide torpedoes [kaitens]; I 36 launches kaitens that damage ammunition ship Mazama (AE-9) and infantrylanding craft LCI-600 at Ulithi (see 12, 20 and 23 January).

Japanese merchant cargo ship Kinsei Maru is sunk by marine casualty in Osaka Bay, Japan.

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