Friday, January 3, 2020

Henry Miller "declared
a constructive total loss"

WED 3 JAN 1945
TF 38 (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) begins operations against Japanese airfields and shipping in the Formosa area. Principally along the west coast of Formosa, TF 38 planes sink landing ship Shinshu Maru (previously damaged by Aspro on 2 January), cargo ships Kinrei Maru, 2 Ume Maru, 22 Kawauchi Maru, Sanni Maru, another unidentified Maru, and damage army cargo ship Kibitsu Maru, Hyuga Maru and 2 Nichiyu Maru and 36 Taiwa Maru, and Kakuju Maru.

Occupation of Fais Island (see 1 January) continues. Occupying force destroys Japanese radio station found there. Interrogation of natives and Japanese prisoners reveals that Fais had never been used to base ships.

Leading groups of U.S. fleet units bound for Lingayen Gulf make daylight passage of Surigao Strait, where they come under attack from Japanese planes. Oiler Cowanesque (AO-79) is damaged by kamikaze, 08°56'N, 122°49'E, motor minesweeper YMS-53 by near-miss of bomb.

USAAF B-25s (13th Air Force) on a shipping sweep off Davao, sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 10, 07°04'N, 125°37'E.

British submarine HMS Shakespeare and Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa.1 damage each other in surface gun action east of Nancowry Strait.

Escort carrier Sargent Bay (CVE-83) and destroyer escort Robert F. Keller (DE-419) are damaged in collision during mail delivery exercise, Philippine Islands area.

Motor minesweeper YMS-53 is damaged by near-miss of bomb off Luzon.

Submarine Kingfish (SS-234), attacking Japanese convoy in the Bonins, sinks Japanese army cargo ship Shoto Maru and merchant cargo ships Yaei Maru and Shibazono Maru 200 miles north of Chichi Jima, 30°29'N, 142°03'E.

U.S. freighter Henry Miller, in Hampton Roads-bound convoy GUS 63, is torpedoed and damaged by German submarine U-870 22 miles southwest of Cape Spartel, 35°51'N, 06°24'W;
Coast Guard-manned frigate Brunswick (PF-68) takes off most of the crew and armed guard (there are no casualties in either group). The ship, with a reduced crew, reaches Gibraltar under her own power the following day; she is, however, later declared a constructive total loss. [Further details.]
Editor's Note: We'll guess this Henry Miller was the namesake, not this Miller.

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