Monday, January 13, 2020

Fri. The 13th A Day Late As
O.S.S. Blows Itself Up

SAT 13 JAN 1945
Japanese kamikaze attacks against Lingayen Gulf invasion shipping culminate in suicide plane crashing and damaging escort carrier Salamaua (CVE-96), 17°09'N, 119°21'E.

Destroyer escort Fleming (DE-32) sinks Japanese submarine I 362 320 miles north-northeast of Truk, 12°08'N, 154°27'E.

Open lighter YC-912 founders in heavy weather, North Pacific Ocean.

Ex-USAAF aircraft rescue boat P 584, under administrative control of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and manned by a navy crew, is destroyed by explosion at Leghorn, Italy, injuring 11 sailors. [I'd like to know more about that. Betcha the boat was filled w/ explosives in some inane/bizarro scheme. — M.B.]

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