Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Grandpappy McCain At It Again

SUN 21 JAN 1945
TF 38 (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) attacks Japanese shipping and airfields on Formosa, and in the Pescadores, as well as in Sakashima Gunto and on Okinawa in the Ryukyus. Japanese planes make concerted counterattacks on the task force ships; kamikazes damage carrier Ticonderoga (CV-14), 22°40'N, 122°57'E and destroyer Maddox (DD-731), 23°06'N, 122°43'E; small carrier Langley (CVL-27) is damaged by bomb, 22°40'N, 122°51'E. Accidental explosion of bombs carried by TBM (VT 7) damages carrier Hancock (CV-19), 22°40'N, 122°30'E.

TF 38 planes sink fleet tankers Eiho Maru and Manjo Maru; cargo ship Kuroshio Maru; army cargo ships Enoura Maru, Asaka Maru and 2 Nichiyo Maru and Teifu Maru; army tankers Shincho Maru and 3 Hoei Maru and 5 Hoei Maru, and Yamazawa Maru; fishing boat Brunei Maru*; cargo vessels Daijo Maru and Yayoi Maru; and damage destroyers Kashi and Sugi landing ships T.114 and T.143, merchant cargo ship Yulin Maru and water supply vessel Nikko Maru off Takao, Formosa; planes from carrier Yorktown (CV-10) and small carrier Cabot (CVL-28) sink merchant tanker Munakata Maru at Keelung; TF 38 planes damage destroyer Harukaze off Mako.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) sink Japanese salvage vessel Haruta Maru at Hong Kong, 22°20'N, 114°10'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese merchant tanker Zuiun Maru, 33°33'N, 129°33'E.

Japanese army cargo ship Shoshin Maru is sunk by gunfire, 23°48'N, 125°16'E.

Landing craft LCT-253 founders and sinks in heavy weather en route to Tarawa.

U.S. freighter George Hawley, in convoy TBC 43, is torpedoed and irreparably damaged by German submarine U-1199 off the Isle of Wight, 49°53'N, 05°44'W.

*Kinda chickenshit to attack fishing boats innit?

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