Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Different Calendar Yr., Same War Shit

Chapter VII: 1945


MON 1 JAN 1945
Destroyer escort Seid (DE-256), tank landing ship LST-225 and three infantry landing craft (LCI)
(TU 94.5.10) land one company of Army troops (321st Infantry) on Fais Island to investigate whether or not it was being used as a midget submarine base and a communication center by the Japanese (see 3 and 4 January).

Submarine Stingray (SS-186) lands supplies at Tawi Tawi, P.I.
May not be completely historically accurate.
U.S. freighter John M. Clayton is damaged by bomb dropped by Japanese plane, and catches fire off Blue Beach, Mindoro; four of the 29-man Armed Guard sailors die of the resultant burns.*

USAAF planes sink Japanese ships No.7 Taiko Maru and No.3 Taiwan Maru off Masinloc, P.I.

Japanese cargo vessel Kyokko Maru is sunk by mine (laid by British submarine HMS Tradewind on 30 October 1944), off Mergui, 12°26'N, 98°39'E.
*The Liberty ship is beached the next day to prevent further damage; the Navy subsequently repairs her. She is renamed Harcourt and classified as a miscellaneous auxiliary (IX-225).

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