Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Adm. McCain Pounds Again

MON 22 JAN 1945
TF 38 (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) pounds Japanese shipping, airfields and other installations in the Ryukyus; TF 38 planes sink motor sailships No.1 Iroha Maru and Myooei Maru, and fishing boat No.1 Waei Maru. TF 38 planes also sink cargo vessel Suma Maru in Gima harbor, Kume Island; merchant tankers No.2 Nanko Maru and No.2 Nanshin Maru off Miyako Jima; and merchant cargo ship Hikosan Maru in Toguchi harbor, Okinawa, 26°39'N, 127°53'E. Guardboat No.6 Chitose Maru is sunk, probably by aircraft in Nansei Shoto.

Japanese submarine chaser Ch 42 is damaged by mine off Chichi Jima.

Japanese river gunboat Saga is sunk by aircraft at Hong Kong.

British submarine HMS Spirit sinks Japanese ship Ryushin Maru in Java Sea, 06°02'S, 110°41'E.

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