Thursday, January 30, 2020

"no enemy opposition"

TUE 30 JAN 1944
TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands army troops (38th Infantry) on Grande Island Subic Bay, in Operation MIKE SEVEN; they encounter no enemy opposition. Light cruiser Denver (CL-58) and destroyers Fletcher (DD-445) and Radford (DD-446) provide gunfire support. TG 77.4 (Rear Admiral William D. Sample), consisting of six escort carriers and their screen, provide direct air cover. Attack transport Cavalier (APA-37) is torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO 46 off Subic Bay, 14°48'N, 119°18'E.

Destroyer Burns (DD-588) sinks Japanese guardboat No.2 Hokoku Maru off Ojae, 08°42'N, 167°44'E.

Submarine Bergall (SS-320) damages Japanese storeship Arasaki, 08°26'S, 115°40'E.

Submarine Threadfin (SS-410) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Issei Maru off southern Honshu, 33°30'N, 135°34'E, but although damaged by depth charges from escorts, 33°20'N, 135°30'E, remains on patrol.

British submarine HMS Tantalus sinks Japanese fishing boat No.12 Taisei Maru in northern approaches to Bangka Strait, 01°26'S, 105°01'E.

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