Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Submarine Spot (SS-413)

SUN 7 JAN 1945
Bombardment and fire support group, TG 77.2 (Rear Admiral Jesse B. Oldendorf) and planes from escort carrier group, TG 77.4 (Rear Admiral Calvin T. Durgin), begin pounding Japanese defenses of Lingayen Gulf. Enemy air attacks in the area, however, continue: high speed minesweeper Hovey (DMS-11) is sunk by aerial torpedo; high speed minesweeper Palmer (DMS-5) by bombs, 16°20'N, 120°10'E. Kamikazes damage attack transport Callaway (APA-35), 17°00'N, 120°00'E, and tank landing ship LST-912, 16°20'N, 120°10'E. Destroyers Charles Ausburne (DD-570), Braine (DD-630), Russell (DD-414), and Shaw (DD-373) sink Japanese destroyer Hinoki, 50 miles west-southwest of Manila Bay, 14°30'N, 119°30'E.

Submarine Picuda (SS-382) damages Japanese army tanker Munakata Maru 28 miles northwest of Fukikaku, Formosa, 25°42'N, 121°08'E. Munakata Maru puts in to Keelung for repairs (see 21 January).

Submarine Spot* (SS-413) sinks Japanese guardboat No.2 Nichiei Maru in the Inland Sea, 31°20'N, 123°40'E.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force), attacking Japanese convoy in the South China Sea, sink stores ship Shinsei Maru in Formosa Strait, 22°40'N, 118°45'E.

*[N]amed for the spot, a small sciaenoid food fish of the Atlantic coast, with a black spot behind its shoulders.

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