Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Death From Above: No One Is Safe From The Wrath Of A Righteous Deity

This person & her dogs must've been really awful people for YHWH to have smitten their asses like this.
A woman and her two dogs were fatally struck by lightning in Pico Rivera Wednesday as a storm front pushed across the Southland and led to power outages and beach closures.
49 yrs. in the L.A. basin & this reporter hasn't seen lightning more than two or three times. There's a reason:
So after nearly a decade living on the West Coast, I’ve trained myself against getting my hopes up for Real Weather: That rumble outside my window is likely just a dumpster rolling downhill, a firework booming across town or the sound of my dreams collapsing like an oil drum under a tank.

On Wednesday, to my glee, I was wrong: a series of storms rolled through Southern California, bringing actual thunder and lightning to my adopted home. I was so excited that I more-than-half-seriously pitched my editors a story entitled, “So You’ve Never Heard Thunder Before. Don’t Worry — I’m From A Place With Real Weather, And I’m Here To Help.”

They nixed the headline, but they were curious too: Why do we get so little lightning and thunder in L.A.?

Buncha scientific mumbo jumbo about high pressure, the result of which is June gloom rather than thunder & lightning.

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