Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Soon I Will (Legally) Be Born Again

Went to the (Hollywood) DMV to renew my ID so I may renew my library card. Apparently I didn't arse myself * to tear off a screed about the experience of going all the way downtown (several miles) on the train (A weird experience in itself; most ordinary riders seem to have deserted the subway in the wake of the plague, but not the mental cases our pig society makes & throws away.) only to be refused a new library card because my Reich ID had expired & apparently I had passed to the next world along w/ it.

Anyway, only 50 mins., max., from appointment time to walking out the door w/ the promise the valid one will arrive in two wks. Bet I look sad & old in the picture. And they took my thumbprint. No recollection if they did that in 2010.
As for seeing a cross-section of my fellow California residents, no reason to call in the Giant Meteor, but no reason to tell it to wait, either, if you know what I mean.
*I am really at "Why Bother?" Bitching-&-moaning is useless, I'll just sit here & stew in my own rage until I explode.

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