Friday, June 24, 2022

More Smegma, More Often

Actual fuggin' Nazis, kids:
Andrew Torba, the far-right Christian nationalist founder of Gab, posted a meme that read, “SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR ABORTIONS WHORES.” An image of Justice Brett Kavanaugh with red lasers coming out of his eyes accompanied it. Torba followed that misogynist celebration with this message: “The Christian takeover of our Christian country has begun.”

Known for his antisemitism, he quickly went on to identify what else he wanted to ban. “Next we need to ban the barbaric act of circumcision, which is also a Jewish sacrament that was imposed on our men outside of their will as mere babies,” Torba declared.

The image directly below Torba's on Gab. The concern for life is palpable.
[Drooling Idiot Watch]

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