Friday, June 17, 2022

A Freak Out For Friday

Interesting how the phrase "lone gunman" has wormed its way into the lexicon. I mean, gunman tells us he was alone. Did Los Angeles type "lone" so we wouldn't think this was a conspiracy?

LAPD Cops Shoot Lone Gunman Firing at Cars Near the Grove

The gunfight is over but cops say their investigation is still tying up traffic, so avoid the area if you can
Also, the LAPD are idiots:
At around 2 p.m. local time, LAPD additionally warned that the shooting investigation will impact traffic on La Brea between S. Highland Avenue and S. Fuller Ave., and on Beverly Blvd. between W. 1st Street and Rosewood Ave. until further notice.
This is an odd statement, considering that La Brea, Highland & Fuller are all north-south streets, & Beverly, 1st & Rosewood are all east-west streets. See what I mean? No wonder crime is allegedly on the upswing. The fucking heat doesn't even know which way the streets run.

The whole thing especally interests me because I often forage in this area. Not that I'd be awake at 0920. Large Orthodox Jewish population there too; could be trouble for people trying to stock up before sundown.

Details, for the hell of it:
According to the department, at about 9:20 a.m. Hollywood officers responded to a Wilshire Division radio call about a man pointing a firearm at construction workers near Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Blvd. Officers arriving at the location confronted the suspect, who police describe as Black and in his 30s.

The suspect fired at the cops, “and an officer involved shooting occurred at Beverly and La Brea,” the LAPD tweeted. “The suspect ran west on Beverly and the officers briefly lost sight of the suspect.”

Police next tracked the accused shooter to the area of Beverly Blvd. and Detroit Blvd. and contained him there, at which point the suspect was taken into custody.

“The suspect was struck by gunfire and transported to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury,” LAPD said. “A firearm was recovered at scene.”

As for other injuries, as Patch reports, the department said, “The suspect pointed a gun at a construction worker, continued walking and pointed the gun at pedestrians and vehicles. There were shots fired, and a victim stated her vehicle was struck.”

Another victim of this pig society gone postal, as we used to say?

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