Saturday, August 25, 2007

Motor City MadmanHas-Been Comes Through W/ Mature Political Discourse

Randy Andy is gettin' hitched, so Just Another Blog™ figured it would be safe to look at The Daily Dish™, as there would be guests typing & probably a significant reduction in righteous moralizing (no one more zealous than a convert, as they say). We were (as we so often are) correct. Paydirt w/ the very first item, guested by hilzoy of Obsidian Wings (who gets the link). It's the confluence of art (well, crummy "rock" music) & politics. The Nuge™ (only good tune: "Stranglehold," & it's been so long since The Editor's actually heard it that the memory may be incorrect) is advocating murder again, & not his usual "death to defenseless animals" schtick:
But perhaps telling four sitting Senators, two of whom are running for President, to suck on his machine guns will transcend even their limits.
"Their limits" refers to the Wall Street Journal's opinion page, which has given The Nuge™ free rein at least twice. Do click the links; as one might imagine, the screeds are short & don't involve many polysyllabic words. Laughs & outrage guaranteed, however. And hilzoy (looking mostly to bother the WSJ's op-eds) doesn't mention that of the four Senators Mr. Crotch Rot Fever mentions, three are women, & one is of a more recent African heritage than most Americans. Interesting. (The Nuge™ also refers to an "Arnold" @ the very beginning. Just Another Blog™ would love to see Ted try to make Schwarzenegger "suck on his machine gun.")

Technical whatnot: Recorded @ The House of Blues™, Anaheim, CA, 21 August 2007. The whole clip (w/o the YouTube™ logo, just the LiveLeak™ logo) is available @ LiveLeak™, which seems to have the same problem YouTube™ used to have, that is, their fucking embeds don't embed. Of course, that could be a Blogger™ bugger.

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