Thursday, August 22, 2013


We really should start checking the obits immediately after activating the fount of all knowledge every afternoon. From a wk. ago, Allen Lanier dead at barely 67. The smart one of the group.
Last time I spoke to him (for Classic Rock in 2012 – read it here) I knew he was in poor health. It was obvious that he had breathing difficulties. “I have good and bad days,” he laughed. “Today is a bad one because I’ve got to have most of my fuckin’ teeth taken out.” Sick as he was he never once displayed an ounce of self-pity.
At least we've quit smoking.


State University of NY at Stony Brook,
Long Island, NY, ca 1972.
And as good a quote as one could get:
Lanier was a fierce critic, that’s for sure.”Spectres,” he observes, “is another attempt at the right thing, but I think it’s a failure. We didn’t get what we wanted. Every time we go in the studio wanting to capture some very heavy rock’n'roll and we walk out with a polished production which has a lot of charm and ambience but doesn’t kick.
Wrote the music for this recent item, even.

Image by Roni Hoffman.


Weird Dave said...

Isn't there an old joke about checking the obits before checking the sports page?

BadTux said...

It's just for us fucking old people. All the people we read or listened to when we were kids are dying now. Except the Rolling Stones. But I'm not convinced those guys are still human anymore, they may have pickled all their organs in enough drugs that they're only a few hours away from being zombies.

- Badtux the Dead Hero Worshippin' Penguin

M. Bouffant said...

There Are No More Original Jokes (If You Even Call That a "Joke") Editor:
The Stones swapped Brian Jones' soul for eternal life; the catch is, they have to tour every three yrs. w/ songs that get lamer & lamer, from now 'til the end of time/forever!