Thursday, August 22, 2013


We really should start checking the obits immediately after activating the fount of all knowledge every afternoon. From a wk. ago, Allen Lanier dead at barely 67. The smart one of the group.
Last time I spoke to him (for Classic Rock in 2012 – read it here) I knew he was in poor health. It was obvious that he had breathing difficulties. “I have good and bad days,” he laughed. “Today is a bad one because I’ve got to have most of my fuckin’ teeth taken out.” Sick as he was he never once displayed an ounce of self-pity.
At least we've quit smoking.


State University of NY at Stony Brook,
Long Island, NY, ca 1972.
And as good a quote as one could get:
Lanier was a fierce critic, that’s for sure.”Spectres,” he observes, “is another attempt at the right thing, but I think it’s a failure. We didn’t get what we wanted. Every time we go in the studio wanting to capture some very heavy rock’n'roll and we walk out with a polished production which has a lot of charm and ambience but doesn’t kick.
Wrote the music for this recent item, even.

Image by Roni Hoffman.
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