Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dumb Witch Of The Day

Mark Evanier visits the croaker & ...
On my way out, I passed another office in the building and there was a hysterical, furious person outside the door in the hall. She was unmasked and insisting that California was "open" and mask-wearing could no longer be required in any way.

The door to that office had the same sign my doctor had saying that you couldn't come in without one. She went in anyway and was told to get out and not to come back without a mask. She had exited angrily and was now out in the corridor, arguing with two nurses who had come out to explain the rules to her. Either on her way in or out, she had ripped most of the sign off the door.

For emphasis: This was a doctor's office. The doctor to whom she had come for medical care had put the sign up or approved having that sign up. And I don't think it would be a bad idea to wear a mask in any doctor's office, virus or no virus. There could be sick people in that office. That's where they tend to congregate.

Shame this person didn't have a gun. Coulda plugged a couple medical assistants, as if this were someplace like Georgia.

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