Friday, June 11, 2021

Another Friday Morning In The Hell Of Other People: Woke Up Enraged. (Again!)

Fuck you in the mouth if you're one of the bags of human shit who abandoned me to homelessness. Especially you, homeowning bitch whom I mistook for a friend, let alone a "girlfriend". No wonder you were "scared of dying alone"; you must've known what an awful bitch you were going to be to me. Bet you're all alone now, huh? Pig. 

And the rest of you as well. What did I ever do to you people, besides letting you party in my house & paying money to see your shitty bands in crummy bars? Not one of you shits has ever explained this. Oh, I keep forgetting; as soon as I didn't have a house to party in I never heard from 90% of you jerks again, 'til you all wanted to be Facebook friends. Not that any of you have the intestinal fortitude to read what I type here. Guilty, pigs? Or just barely literate? 

Also the middle-class liberals in radical disguise laughing all the way to the bank at CrooksAndLiars. Fuck you Amato, pay your employees for doing your work. You're getting all the ad revenue, you spend two fucking hrs. a day scrolling the iNternet for something even vaguely worth linking to. Parasite. 

Ha ha. All my fault, for not realizing that just because I'm not an asshole doesn't mean that the rest of you aren't exploitative users. You've all embraced the lessons of capitalism quite well, haven't you? Use me up & throw me away, preferably where I'll cause a mess. 

And then I awaken so pig-biting mad I can't even go back to sleep. Again, fuck every last one of you & your ugly stupid world of shit & pain in the mouth. (I wish there were a last one of you, & your world.)


Ten Bears said...

The product of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancy and sixties serial Southern California divorce ~ the bastard nobody wanted ~ I've been homeless since I was twelve, and it wasn't much of a home to run away from. Been fifty-one years since I last hitch-hiked out of LA, walked the streets of Bakersfield, and have grown rather philosophical about it: every time I got to a point to where I was calling it home, it all fell apart. When I was younger it was easier to bounce back, keep on keepin' on, but this last round has taken nearly fifteen years to get back on my feet, and to be honest I feel a whole a whole lot more comfortable in that grey area. I'm OK now, sort-of, but it's biggest beating I've ever taken. I'm not sure I could do it again. Better to stay close to the edge, on your toes, ready to slip through the cracks.

Been there so long got to callin' it home ...

Al said...

Every day I wake up in a racist, white supremacist militarized police state that is the most hated, evil and destructive country on the planet. This is America. And you can't have America without poverty because poverty is used as a weapon against the American people. Our Capitalist Overlords must keep the American people poor, without healthcare, stressed and downtrodden in order to keep the American people from resisting the tyranny of the US Empire that is imposed on us all. The US Empire is evil and the people in charge of the US are evil. The US beyond redemption or salvation.