Thursday, June 3, 2021

White Walks In Space, Death For Ayatollah & Pope

1906: Josephine Baker, the dancer, singer and actress who gained fame with her shows in Paris during the 1920s, is born in Saint Louis.
1926: Allen Ginsberg, the poet who became one of the icons of America's Beat Generation, is born in Newark, New Jersey.
1937: Britain's Duke of Windsor marries American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson in France. It happens six months after the former King Edward the Eighth abdicated his country's throne for Simpson.
1963: Pope John the 23rd, who pushed to modernize the Roman Catholic Church, dies in Rome at age 81. Pope Paul the Sixth succeeds him as pontiff.
1965: Astronaut Ed White becomes the first American to walk in space, during the Gemini Four mission.
1989: Iran's spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, dies in Tehran. Khomeini's rise to power in the Islamic Revolution led to the hostage crisis in which Iran held dozens of Americans captive for 444 days.

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