Sunday, June 13, 2021

My Suffering Suspended For a Month

So the first time I did this was 24 April 2017, & I have yet to receive a penny for my agonizing labor. 

But what really pisses me off is advertising-supported horseshit that also just flat-out begs for money. I didn't beg when I was fucking homeless & had no advertising to support me, but the boss of the outfit has the fucking nerve to money-grub via snail mail (I guess so he can get all the old people who don't know any better.) from his ritzy Pacific Palisades P.O. Box. Does no one in this world of shit, pain & prostitutes have any pride, shame or honor? I mean, you can't smash capitalism if your only interest is money money money made on the backs of others, you fucking leeches.

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