Saturday, May 15, 2021

Germy Saturday


Ten Bears said...

While it remains likely no one listens to me, Cassandra's grandson (tru dat), recall I recently made rude comments about the ads over at "just gotta' pay the bills" as well as several other of the big-boy blogs. One of those others just posted a one-line "zergnerts is off the site" for a week while they "talk about it with the developers".

You gotta' admit though, the "Gut-Wrenching Tragedy of Dog the Bounty Hunter and the Alaskan Bush People" has gotta' be the best name for a post-punk rock 'n roll band since post-punk.

M. Bouffant said...

AdBlock Editor:
I just don't get ads. Unless you want to pay your typists, none of this should cost anyone any money. Maybe if one is "popular" & has to defend against attacks, or needs to have their Twitter feed on the sidebar. And for all I know Blugspot can do that too.