Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Mt. St. Helens Blows Its Stack

Produced by Birthday Boy Capra:


Al said...

Ban cars now!

Ten Bears said...

I was hooking logs to a Bell 214B helicopter about fifty miles away line of sight, as the helicopter flies, and was busy digging a choker-hole when I heard this big boom-boom not unlike those sonic booms I used to hear when I was kid living on the LA High Desert; looked up just in time to see the side of the mountain slide and the ash starting to look like something coming out of a firehose. Word came across the radio anyone not at the lz (landing zone) in three (minutes) gets left behind and took to running down this ridgeline in caulked-books (7 lbs apiece) with the whole show just getting started off my right shoulder and just about as I was to the lz I jump over a log that's got an entirely unconcerned grouse, a male sage hen, roosting comfortably under it and he came out there as male sage hens do awhoop whoop whoop whoop... scared me out of at least one shade of my natural tan. We tipped over into the Colombia River Gorge and as the ash was headed east we were headed west, close enough to the water to raise a rooster tail. I was quite the sight to see. Spent the next two and a half years salvage logging on and around it.

And now you know why I'm such an arrogant ass. I got that right.

M. Bouffant said...

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