Monday, May 10, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up

Back to normal in the land of cowardly gunners, as noted below.
  • A gunman opened fire at a family birthday party in Colorado Springs, leaving six people dead and a community in mourning.
  • An overnight shooting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel left one man dead and at least seven others wounded [in Phoenix]
  • Three people are dead and another was injured during a shooting at a townhome Saturday morning just outside of Baltimore
  • At least three people were killed and nine others injured in three separate shootings in California.
  • Four people were injured in a shooting in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday
  • Authorities in Milwaukee are investigating a shooting that injured four people on Saturday afternoon
  • Two people are dead and three others injured after a shooting in a park in Kinloch, Missouri, on Friday night
[Outside the Beltway]

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