Friday, May 7, 2021

Another Sad Example Of A Musician Who Sucked After He Left The Band

Not the slightest interest in anything he did post-"Gloria"/Them. Screw all the critics who think he's hot shit too. Plus his whole schtick's based on the appropriation of African-American music. Some damn nerve.
Louis Keene / The Forward:
‘They Own The Media’: New Van Morrison song amplifies antisemitic trope  —  Legendary singer-songwriter Van Morrison released a new song on streaming platforms Thursday whose title espouses a classic antisemitic trope.  —  The lyrics of the song, “They Own The Media,” never indicate who the pronoun in its title refers to.
Sensitive songwriter = whiny jerk who blames others for his/her pathetic failures. Sound familiar, if not Republican? (And isn't the insufferable Morrissey much the same racist way?)

This reporter finds that Riverdance Celtic crap irksome & tedious as well. I gotta jig you bog monkeys* can fucking dance.

*No offense intended at all to any members of the great American melting pot, few of whom live in actual bogs & most of whom are primates.

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