Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Testing ... Testing ... One, Two ...

Is Disqus being attacked by the Commies? Had trouble linking something to Facebook earlier, but it deserves to be attacked. 

Other iNternet idiocy: 697 views, one comment.

Body Count: 307K. Cases: 17M. Hospitalized: 113,069. 400,000 dead by Inauguration Day w/ the Xmas surge? Meanwhile I'm on over-crowded busses trying to get to some croaker's office as infection & death rates surge in Los Angeles County. 

Bored, irritable, angry? Beyond numb. Why would anything change? (Hoping for steroid rage soon.)

1 comment:

Ten Bears said...

Don't know who or what, M, but Disqus disgusted me enough when it was the 'new' thing to exit as quickly as a mouse-click and with what grace and dignity remains.

I was telling m'daughter (again) just the other day don't sweat the b-grade. It ain't the clicks that count, it's who clicks.