Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Vanity Filmmaking

A cinematic experience you may have missed*:
AmeriGeddon adapts to film a major conspiracy theory that has vibrated in the fringe right wing for over half a century: the vulnerable US power grid will be hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), and the country will be left without electricity. In the national chaos that follows, martial law will be imposed. American citizens will have their guns confiscated, be rounded up and imprisoned in FEMA concentration camps, and suffer there until they submit to the New World Order. In AmeriGeddon, it’s left to a small group of patriots with “strong survival skills” and “the remains of the Second Amendment” to resist this New World Order and save the nation.
*And in the immortal words of Sam Goldwyn, "Miss it if you can."

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ZapPow said...

The director Mike Norris seems to be obsessed with EMP: his last film, Crossroads of Hunter Wilde, is about a christian family trying to survive in the chaos left by an EMP attack, the vilains being demons from hell trying to destroy the last believers.