Monday, April 9, 2018


FRI 9 APR 1943
Rank of Commodore, U.S. Navy, is reëstablished.

Submarine Drum (SS-228) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking army cargo ship Oyama Maru about 180 miles north-northwest of Kavieng, New Ireland, 00°32'N, 150°05'E.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) in attack on Japanese convoy off Mindoro, sinks army cargo ship Shanghai Maru about ten miles east of Dumali Point, 13°11'N, 121°45'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) attacks Japanese convoy in Buton Passage, off southeastern Celebes, sinking army cargo ship Penang Maru, 05°31'S, 123°06'E. Tautog then sinks destroyer Isonami as the enemy warship attempts to rescue Penang Maru's survivors 05°26'S, 123°04'E.

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