Thursday, April 19, 2018

"American Carnage" Continues

Bethlehem Steel Works Panoramic 1, Bethlehem, PA ©Ronald C Saari More.
Earlier in American carnage. (Or just scroll down a couple items.) The whole shithouse is going up in flames: Will the inevitable Great Trump Depression be here in time to effect the mid-terms, or will it just be Russkies meddling?
 Matthew Rocco / Fox Business:
US steel prices up ‘dramatically’ due to Trump tariffs: Fed
I hope every last one of you useless gringo pricks is under a collapsed freeway roasting diseased sparrows over a trash-can fire fueled by worthless stock certificates by New Yr.'s Eve, if not by Thanks-fucking-giving. (Then I'll have something for which to be thankful, & about damn time.)

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