Sunday, April 22, 2018

Grenadier Scuttled

THU 22 APR 1943
Submarine Grenadier (SS-210) is scuttled off Penang, Malaya, 06°30'N, 97°40'E, after having been damaged by Japanese plane (936th Kokutai) the previous day.
Submarine Stingray (SS-186) mines waters off Wenchow, China.

Dutch submarine O 21, despite presence of escort vessel, sinks Japanese army cargo ship Yamazato Maru in Malacca Straits, 03°28'N, 99°47'E.

Japanese aircraft bomb airfield at Funafuti, Ellice Islands.

PBYs (VP 84), flying from bases in Iceland and Greenland, drive off German U-boats threatening convoy HX 234.

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