Friday, April 20, 2018

No Reefer Jokes

TUE 20 APR 1943
Submarine Runner (SS-275) mines waters near Hong Kong.

Submarine Scorpion (SS-278) sinks Japanese gunboat No.1 Meiji Maru off east central coast of Honshu, 37°10'N, 141°25'E.

USAAF aircraft sink Japanese cargo ship Kosei Maru north of Wewak, 03°30'S, 143°30'E.

USAAF planes sink Japanese ship Nojima Maru north of Kiska.

Japanese transport/cargo ship Sumerusan Maru is sunk by accidental explosion, Surabaya, Java, 03°30'S, 143°30'E.

U.S. freighter Michigan, steaming in convoy UGS 7, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-565 off the coast of North Africa, 36°01'N, 01°25'W. All hands (37 merchant seamen, 23 Armed Guards and the one passenger) survive; some remain in the boats to help rescue survivors (Senegalese soldiers) from French steamship Sidi-Bel-Abbes, also torpedoed and sunk by U-565, thus preventing the toll in human life from the loss of that Allied vessel from being much larger. Michigan's survivors are rescued by British escort trawlers HMS Stella Carina and HMS Foxtrot, and transferred thus to sloop HMS Felixstowe, in which they are transported to Oran.

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