Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watch Your Throat, America

A loon at The Daily Caller foresees "social conservatives" up in arms about, yes, the jamming of
Democrats’ left-wing, radical social agenda down the throats of the American people. This is a wake-up call for social conservatives that we are in a culture war that the left will not give up on despite suffering historic losses in the November midterms.
Wake up, indeed. There was no cultural hysteria until Darin Selnick sounded the alarm, but now they'll really be angry. (As for historic losses, they didn't get the Senate. A real tsunami of righteousness.)
Going forward, DADT will be the rallying cry for social conservatives, and the issue will not fade away. Social conservatives know that the military is the last line of defense in the culture war and if it falls, so does the rest of the country.
Last line of defense in the culture war? Are we going to have a real, shooting war?
Social conservatives are already fighting back. Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall is in the process of drafting a bill for Virginia’s 2011 legislative session that would ban gays from serving in the Virginia National Guard. It is only a matter of time before social conservatives begin to fight back against DADT’s repeal at the federal level as well. Just as abortion has not gone away, DADT will not go away and will be a rallying cry as social conservatives draw the line in the sand and finally say enough is enough and fight to bring back DADT.
Selnick doesn't even get the implications of his own run-on typing. Is the best the "independent consultant and former director of Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives within the Department of Veterans Affairs" can hope for the reanimation of the DADT corpse? No calls for bringing back sodomy laws & actively enforcing them, no calls to keep gays (Not people, adjectives.) out of the service entirely, merely hope that DADT can be re-inflicted? And as all actual Americans know, DADT was an awful, discriminatory law shoved down America's throat by Bill Clinton, yet Darin wants it back.

They've lost the war, & now they want to reënact the battle. A hint: To protect their precious, virgin throats from left-wing San Francisco values, duct tape over the mouth.

And as it's from Tucker Carlson's The DC: "Man in a suit with a bow-tie neck/Wanna buy a grunt with a third-party check?" although Tuck gave up on the bow-tie a while ago.Note: Will be available sooner or later at Whiskey Fire, but we can't compete w/ Thers, who seems to be on the same typing/posting schedule we are. Odd for a guy who's employed & three hrs. ahead of us.