Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Decoration Day (Actual)

Channel surfed across a horribly unrestored version of this on Newsmax, where it was identified as "True Glory: Eisenhower Narrates WWII". Morons. Ike does a quick intro, & credits "the really important men in this campaign ... the enlisted soldiers, sailors & airmen", most of the rest of the narration is readings of letters home & the like from ordinary Joes & Jills, Ken Burns-style.

Aficionados of the genre may appreciate that it's more than U.S. footage & action; it's presented by "The Governments
of Great Britain and the United States of America", & there's footage from British & Canadian forces, & the free forces
of several countries the Krauts conquered. There was a fair amount of U.S. footage I hadn't seen, & I've watched a lot of these things. I like a movie w/ a happy ending.

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