Friday, January 17, 2014

Never Surrender!

O.K., maybe it is designed for the losers who have devices because they can't be away from their imaginary friends long enough to shit, but the new New York Times look doesn't look too bad at all. Uncluttered, even, until one hits the bottom.

From The Times, how to live to 90+: A banana, coconut & murder diet:
Hiroo Onoda, an Imperial Japanese Army officer who remained at his jungle post on an island in the Philippines for 29 years, refusing to believe that World War II was over [...] died Thursday at a Tokyo hospital. He was 91.

Caught in a time warp, 2nd Lt. Onoda was one of the war’s last holdouts: a soldier who believed the emperor was a deity and the war a sacred mission; who survived on bananas and coconuts and sometimes killed villagers he assumed were enemies ...
After almost 30 yrs.of that I'm surprised he lived 40 more in what the Times inimitably calls
the lotus land of paper and wood that turned out to be a futuristic world of skyscrapers, television, jet planes, pollution and atomic destruction.
Note to 2014's reactionary losers: The culture war is over & Jerry Falwell is dead. Don't waste the next 30 yrs. living on bananas & trying to annoy people. Throw down your smart 'phones & come out w/ your hands up.

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