Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Rats Are Playing

Thers of Whiskey Fire has apparently done something really awful & been sentenced to a wk. in hell for it.(Witchita River Fest, 8 June 2013. 31 yrs. since it was a "hit." How can they stand it?)

Which means that Thunder person & this reporter are going to be making a mess there while the cat's away.

As it's a bloody pain in the ass to type stuff here, copy it to WF, change all self-references from first plural to first singular, & then, in our obsessive way, continue the turd-polishing process while we're adjusting the WF version, which sends us back here to polish the already published version, we are going to violate iNternet protocol & run stuff there that won't be seen here. So (losers who don't already) check Whiskey Fire daily, if not more often. Good policy even when we aren't posting there as often as we'll be this wk.


Weird Dave said...

It's a different demographic.

M. Bouffant said...

Multi-Tasking Editor:
Sho' nuff larger, 'though no one has to look at anyone's pictures ...