Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prowl Car Up-Date

Somehow failed to connect (not that we didn't make the connection, but for whatever reason, probably sloth, we didn't link the first one in the later one) these two items.

Now that's done, yet another unequipped black & white parked in front of a Ralphs.
Somehow this never made it past the draft stage on 18 January. To be sure we hadn't run it under a different title, we searched "Ralphs" & found a third suspicious car we'd recorded. Ah ha! Same car, 83507, spotted at a different Ralphs in 2011. No question now that Ralphs owns this vehicle & just moves it from store to store, so if you see it at your neighborhood Ralphs, shoplift away!


mikey said...

The science of the so-called 'Molotov Cocktail' is relatively simple, but like many things, exacting in its simplicity.

So I'd be happy to help the budding insurrectionist learn the right (and safe) process. But two things I'd call attention to at the top level.

First, use Ivory liquid in limited volume, maybe 1 part in 10 or so, to thicken the gasoline. Also, use the highest octane gasoline you can buy - Protip: Small local airports have AvGas, which is 125 Octane or so, and thus much more energy per cc. The second point is fire is NOT your friend. Chemistry is your friend - google 'exothermic reactions' to learn how to ignite your firebombs without having to risk your own limbs...

Weird Dave said...

It's not the ones you can see that are gonna get you.